Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Salsa rooster & dairy products tortillas


5 tbsp sizzling salsa at a jar
3 substantial flour tortilla, seeded or maybe simply
215g can certainly kidney bean, cleared in addition to estimated at mashed
1 spg onion, chopped
50g outstanding beef roasts rooster, shredded (use one more on the animal meat within the carcass)
85g grated develop fully cheddar
½ some sort of 20g wrap up coriander, actually leaves chopped (optional)
fat, intended for brushing


Multiply 3 tbsp salsa on top of just about every tortilla, subsequently smoothly major at least one while using the pinto and black beans, spg onion, rooster in addition to cheddar. Scatter having coriander, in case you have the item. Plastic while using the different tortilla, subsequently wash having fat.

Warm a substantial non-stick frying pot, subsequently make meals this tortilla, oil-side decrease, intended for 5 min. Thoroughly turn over that has a palette utensil (or by means of rotating the item available on top of some sort of platter, dropping the item on this pan), subsequently make meals for 2 min opposed to this until finally older. Work slice in wedges.

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